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LIGNA 2017

Our main theme for this year's LIGNA exhibition in Hanover is Industry 4.0 - Industrial Revolution. This concept sees all machine operations in the process as a homogenised, interconnected system with interactive control. Our company has adhered to this principle from the very beginning of our product development with the advantage that all our machines work with the same data format. Also our machines are able to feedback information on component production and offer prediction statistics on eventual system failures. This capability is often only associated with large manufacturers. But we prove that such a concept can also be implemented by a small family business. At the trade fair we will be introducing the concept of "Smart window manufacturing", where the window components are first cut on the CROSSLINE 500, then tenoned and profiled on the CRAFTER and finally drilled on the VERSA CNC drilling machine, with everything interconnected via our WinCreator software. The entire system is open to third-party software for production management. Welcome to Industry 4.0.






New factory address:
SOUKUP s.r.o.
Komerční 518, CZ 251 01 Nupaky

GPS 49°59'20.9"N 14°35'53.5"E 

phone: +420 241 403 110
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Recently installed prefab houses assembling line in Arizona is the first setup in the USA. The line meets all the requirements of the manufacturer – it is able to accommodate a large variation in panel width and thickness so as to maximize production and prefabrication capability in the factory coupled with a large production capacity.
One of the very fisrt lines in the Czech republic has been installed in DOMY D.N.E.S. The line is composed from automatic cross cut saw CROSSLINE and assembling line with butterfly table WING.
You can see updated video from the panel production.




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