Automatic cross cut saw CROSSLINE 500 and 650

Automatic cross cut saw is designed for crosscutting of material and thanks to the special software is suitable in windows and doors manufacturing. Besides the standard cutting, the software of the machine enables cutting in pairs, which simplifies the organization in production. The saw Crossline 650 with turnable table has large utilization in all sectors of woodworking.

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Cross cut saws

Robust cross cut saw Crossline 500 consists of a main machine with sawblade ø500 mm, servo driven electronic loading pusher and a fixed unloading table. The machine can be implemented in working lines equipped by material handling conveyors and manipulators.

An amended label printer identifies the element for next operations. Crossline 500 thus becomes a part of the Production control system, where data from the WinCreator software are passed to the key machines in window production.




Technical data Crossline 500


  •  Industrial PC Beckhoff with 7“ Touch screen
  • saw blade ø500 mm
  • saw blade motor kW 5 (HP 10)
  • speed of loading pusher 0-60 m/min
  • precision of setting +/- 0,5 mm
  • - timber length max. 6000 mm
  •  automatic material measuring


Automatic crosscut saw Crossline 650 is equipped with a turntable table with the sawblade ø650 mm to allow angle cutting +/- 70°. The material is inserted to the machine by servo driven electronic loading pusher. The beginning of material is detecting automatically. The cutting accuracy is ensured by two upper and two side pneumatic clamps with individual control and adjustment. As soon as the material is firmly hold and the angle is adjusted the saw blade unit rise for cut. After cutting, the material is released and pushed to the outfeed table.
The machine can work in manual mode or work automatically, linked to data from WorkCreator or from third party software.





Technical data Crossline 650


  • Industrial PC Beckhoff with 12“ Touch screen
  • saw blade Ø 650 mm, 2800 RPM saw blade motor HP 10 (7,5 kW)
  • rotation 20°- 160°
  • saw blade lifting speed regulation
  • upper and side pneumatic clamps individual pressure regulation for clamping elements
  • tolerance of precision cut ± 0,5 mm/bm
  • feeding speed regulation (0-60m/min)
  • automatic material measuring
  • soundproof design dust extraction outlet ø120 + ø100











Company SOUKUP supplements the basic portfolio of machines for manufacture of windows and tables for prefab houses the cut saws series CROSSLINE.

Automatic rotary saw CROSSLINE is intended as a basic machine manufacturer of wooden panels and truss. When adding a milling unit can operate reliably with the panel manufacturing.

The straight Crossline 500 is designed for a wide variety in all areas of industry. The Crossline 650 turntable is then used for cutting angles.

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