Impregnating tank for window elements or assembled frames before final coating

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Finishing of windows and doors

Impregnation of presquared machined components 



Dipping in impregnation agent or basic coat, draining and drying in storage trolleys.


Dipping of whole frames by traditional window manufacturing


Impregnation tank for hand soaking with an independent discharge hole. One part of the soaking tank is a dripping plate for returning the paint back to the soaking tank. The soaking tank from stainless plate with a below discharge hole in mobile type with a dripping plate and closing of the soaking tank.


  • length 2500, 3000, 4000 mm
  • width 150 mm
  • height 350 mm


Technology of finishing follows the perfect machining. We are ready to prepare optimal proposal, fully respecting your needs.


Custom products for dipping, impregnation, hand flow coating supplemented by air-conditioning equipment for a quality finish with regard to living and working environment.


We carry out conceptions for technology in cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers of painting system - Sikkens, Adler, Remmers, Glasurit, Gori, etc.

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