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The compact two-units CNC working centre UNIX reflects the latest development in window manufacturing. It is optimized for the efficient manufacturing of window components and other specific products such as arches, panel doors, etc. within the daily work schedule.

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The UNIX machine has been designed for heavy milling work in a dusty environment. The heavy robust concrete-filled base helps to absorb vibration resulting from the machining of large sections of different wood types and associated materials. The two-spindle concept includes all the benefits of a strong firm 3-axis working unit required for solid wood processing and a flexible 5-axis unit for drilling and milling operations. In addition, it provides a new capability for 3D operations frequently required by conservatory manufacturers.



Working units:



  • The main working electrospindle 16 kW with ceramic bearing and liquid cooling system is equipped by the HSK 63 E clamping system, carrying 200 mm-long spindles with tooling. The C axis works with woodchip removal deflector enhances the efficiency of the dust collection plant.
  • The flexi 5-axis electrospindle 7 kW with harmonic drive gearbox and torque motors in A and C axis is again liquid cooled. Drilling and milling tools are on chucks with HSK 63F. The unit can also utilize specialised tools for window rebate change, 3D operations and a saw blade of up to 400 mm.



The linear tool changer with 21 positions can store about 40 profiles, sufficient for everyday work. The tool manager provides a stable position in the rack for frequently used tools. Tools for occasional use are placed in the rack when necessary. Side tool changer is used for planing head for 3D operation and saw blade dia. 400 mm. A special tool changer for the flexible 5-axis unit is situated on the main arm for facilitation of quick tool exchange.





Automatic consoles with an innovative clamping system facilitate easier loading and unloading of the timber. The operator remains in one place and the consoles are filled in accordance with the working list. A line laser shows the commencement of timbers and the operator inserts the two pieces to be clamped in the central carriage. After cross and longitudinal profiling and drilling operations, the central clamp moves the pieces over to the side clamps for last side profiling. Following machining, the pieces can be easily removed. Central carriages also transport the pieces clamped in distant clamps back to the operator. This detail presents a more comfortable and ergonomic use of the machine.




The manual clamping consoles remain in a standby position during serial manufacturing. They assume a working position as soon as specialised work for arches, door leaves or stair components etc. is required.



The UNIX machine is powered by the highly esteemed Beckhoff industrial control system. The experienced software SOUKUP specialists infallibly integrate the industrial PC, by Ethercat connected servo-drive systems, with input-output modules to create a well-harmonised system without risk of compromise. The administration of working batches begins on WinCreator as a simulated workflow, and is then sent to the machine and processed by the SOUKUP control system.  The WinCreator interface is open to any branch-related software. The user-friendly intuitive environment makes machine control, tool set-up, tenoning, profiling and macro-processing straightforward, including new modules for arch pieces and CAD/CAM for panel work processing.








Our team has dealt with the development and production of machines for window manufacturing since 1996. From the beginning we focused on small and medium sized businesses proposing solutions that met their individual needs.


Small joinery shop

The TEMAC tenoning machine next to the existing spindle moulder creates the basis for the production of windows and doors.


Window workshop for 10-20 windows

The CRAFTER machining centre together with the VERSA drilling and milling machine linked with WinCreator is a solution intended for the manufacture of tilt&turn windows. The special CRAFTER UK enables manufacturing of sliding sash windows and typical English casements.


Window workshop for 30-50 windows

The WIZARD CNC machining centre with the DRILLEX drilling and milling machine is designed for the knock-down system of window and door production. The device can supplement the CROSSLINE 500 automatic cross-cut saw and ARCUS machine for efficient manufacturing of curved components. The whole system is provided with machining data from WinCreator or from third-party software. 


Individual production on CNC machines

Our newest CNC router, the UNIX, reflects the latest development in window manufacturing and is a welcome addition when the workshop is equipped for universal joinery work. After window production, the largest categories of production are doors, kitchen cabinets, stairs and conservatories. 



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Almost all our customers make the window manufacturing using the latest knock-down technology with a professional software.


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