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Equipment for the production of wooden buildings has been manufactured by our company for 15 years. Our equipment can be found in Europe, Asia, the United States and Canada.

We started with Framer and Wing assembly tables to speed up and simplify the production process. To make production more precise, we have built a Crossline 500 crosscutting machine with a milling unit so that the elements of the wooden frame fit quickly and precisely into the pre-prepared grooves.

And now we are adding another very important unit to the entire production process - the PONTEC multifunctional machining portal. The CNC centre processes the sheathing, formatting, and milling in all surface layers on both sides of the panel. It staples the covering material; with the cutter and saw unit formats it around the perimeter, cuts out window and door openings. What workers did with hand tools is now automated.

The basis for the work is data in BTL format exported from finished projects processed by LIGNOCAM software. It simulates machining in individual layers and generates codes for CNC machining on a PONTEC machine.

The machine's basic configuration consists of a 9.5 kW electric spindle with liquid cooling for the work of milling tools and a circular saw. The second basic unit is a pneumatic stapling or nailing gun for material sheathing. The machine can be extended with other tools, such as a stapler for wood fibre insulation up to 100 mm.

PONTEC is always part of comprehensive production technology. According to customer requirements, it can be installed in very small areas for craft production and large industrial lines with full process mechanization.

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