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The TEMAC tenoning machine is ideal for small workshops where it is necessary to perform different tenons with multiple tools. It can be combined with a profiling machine or a spindle moulder to complete a simple work centre.

Currently available tenoning machines on the market can only partially fulfill manufacture of windows and are not so flexibile at producing different window types. In the majority of small joinery workshops the business owner has many responsibilities from getting orders, running the workshop for manufacture and to getting paid for their work once completed. This is a common issue for many joinery workshops and we therefore designed the TEMAC to revolutionise the organisation and manufacturing process of these workshops.

Heavy tenoner with full electronically controlled set-up of the spindle, cut-off saw and fence. The machine is controlled by an industrial PC that can interface to our WinCreator software.

  1. Tenoning tools with programmed positions and split working 
  2. Tenoning tools with fixed working positions


The base of the tenoning machine is constructed from heavy rib structured steel to obtain a solid compact machine which is rigid and highly resistant to heavy loads and stress. The cut off saw and tenoning fence are electronically positioned to 1 of 4 positions. The tenoning head is driven by a 10HP motor, the 330 mm long shaft. 
The tenoning carriage moves on linear bearings with variable speed controlled by an inverter drive. The tenoning fence can swivel up to 45°, swivel angle is displayed on the monitor.
TEMAC is controlled by a BECKOHOFF industrial PC with a 10“ touch screen running a Windows Embedded operating system. The machine can be operated in manual mode or automatically using downloaded data from an offline application such as WinCreator.
The industrial performance of the machine offers easy operation and maintenance. All units are connected to a central lubricating system.


Configuration of the machine:

Using a special sequence for tenon creation produces tear-free stormproofed sashes