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About company

SOUKUP Woodworking Machinery offers advanced technology for wooden window manufacturing businesses around the world with 20 years’ experience in fenestration the company can offer tailor-made solutions. The company’s success is not based purely on machinery but also on efficient production methods. Essentially similar to the synergic processes in any living organism, window technology requires all of its individual parts to work together in harmony and synchronisation.

SOUKUP has always been in tune with its customers’ requirements. The primary reason we started to build our own machines was that we were unable to find any machine on the market which could fully match the joiner’s way of thinking and doing things.


In 2006 we started producing our machining centre, the WIZARD. In 2009 we presented the WIZARD DRILLEX window machining line for the knock-down manufacturing system of window components. In 2011, we launched a new generation of a production line window machine, the DEXTER. Our latest CNC router, the UNIX, was presented at LIGNA 2013 and is intended for one-stop-shop businesses for flexible window and door manufacturing.

By taking a more in-depth look at our projects, you will see that there are many original approaches and solutions to various technical tasks all based on our many years of practical joinery experience. We do not want our customers to simply be able to use the machines; more importantly, we want them to feel naturally involved as part of the overall process. We believe that the correct choice of window machinery, the organisation and use of technology, and the careful preparation of window projects are key factors for successful production.

We will be pleased to share our knowledge and experience with you.