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Sliding sash windows

the most traditional construction for conservation requirements for lead weights on cord with pulley. Alternative design accommodates spiral balance mechanism with additional tilt facility for room maintenance and cleaning. Horns are the further option for heritage windows applicable on Soukup Crafter window machine.

Flush sash windows

Required window due flush design and variable opening mechanism. Sashes may either be top hung on fully reversible or side opening with easy access for outside cleaning. Window section is designed for friction stays or IPA/PN hardware system.

Stormproof casement windows

Casements windows with overlapped rebating hung on butt hinges or equipped with friction stays to enable cleaning from inside the building

High performance casement windows

Improved stormproof window with required flush design with second gasket, friction stays for opening  and the latest hardware for bolt locking. Excellent thermal and acoustic performance due triple glazing.

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