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About company

Based in the Czech Republic, SOUKUP Woodworking Machinery is a family business company focused on manufacturing machines for wooden windows and timber frame houses. With almost 30 years experience around the world, we can offer tailor-made reliable solutions for our customers.

We started to build our own machines because we could not find any machine on the market that could fully match the joiner’s way of thinking and doing things.

In 2006 we started producing our machining centre, the WIZARD for the knock-down manufacturing system of window components. Then we presented the CRAFTER for a small window and door manufacturers. The latest CNC machine SPECTRA is intended for flexible window and door manufacturing.

The second part of our production is equipment for timber frame houses prefabrication. After the analysis of the process, we can offer individual solutions from the material crosscutting, assembly, machining on CNC centre and finishing of prefabricated panels.

Our team of 30 employees can offer an individual approach, creativity and flexible solutions. We believe that the right choice of machinery, perfect project and implementation into the production process are key factors for a successful production.

We will be pleased to share our knowledge and experience with you.

A few words about our owner and the history of our company

SOUKUP's company owner and one of the company founders, Jaroslav Soukup, graduated from the Furniture High School in Volyně and subsequently from the Faculty of Wood Technology in Zvolen, Slovakia. Having trained and excited in both the joinery specialization and the field of woodworking machinery, he determined his career would be best in the precision woodworking processing industry.

Jaroslav began as a Production Technologist before becoming a part of a team responsible for implementing a new manufacturing plant for a furniture factory. In 1989, he accepted an offer from Steton, an Italian manufacturer of woodworking machines, representing its Czech and Slovak markets. His job assignments immediately sparked his passion for the specialization of timber windows and doors production. While he was applying and growing his wood processing and machinery experience, he was developing intensively in the designs of window tools. After the initial modifications and modernization of the Italian machines, the new design of window machines gained several patents.

After 2004, Jaroslav decided to build his own brand in the Czech Republic, which would replace the import of Italian machines. So the original sales office became the production company SOUKUP. The launch of his very first Soukup Wizard window machine attracted immediate attention. With an uncompromising selection of the highest quality components and a flexible control system integrating operators' processing data, this very innovative tenoning and profiling combination machine was an instant success. From a small, rented hall, the Soukup machine began a foothold throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia before reaching many European countries and overseas.

Adding new machines such as Drillex, Crafter, Versa, SOUKUP becomes an increasingly comprehensive industrial production equipment company. Today, SOUKUP manufactures a dozen machine models for window manufacturers. Its success is in a complete production approach from window design to production. Each SOUKUP project reflects careful collaboration and execution in the product and production planning, machine selection, and software integration. Combining the carpenter experience and advanced machine design knowledge, SOUKUP offers window manufacturers both volume and customizable solutions, including for the production of the latest energy-saving windows and doors.

Meeting Martin Stodůlka, a graduate of the Faculty of Wood Technology in Brno, has brought an equally important field; the wood building and prefabrication has become a second pillar in the SOUKUP company. Focusing on industrial wood processing and robust handling equipment for the panel and modular construction industry, SOUKUP offers the Crossline optimization saws for straight and angled cuts, the WING butterfly tables, and several other frame manipulation and carriage equipment. Many offsite building manufacturers in the Czech and Slovak Republics, across Europe, the United States, Canada, and China, are already counting on SOUKUP on their daily production. The PONTEC multifunctional portal is the latest SOUKUP innovation for automated production connecting to building design programs.

SOUKUP is proud to be a family-owned business; in recent years, the company is joined by Zbyněk and Filip, Jaroslav's sons, dedicated to marketing and design. While the plans continue to be ambitious, SOUKUP nurtures its growth to mid-size to stay close with its client operators by working on individual levels, developing and delivering solutions for the specific needs in each new and expansion project. The craftsmanship across the wood industry inspires SOUKUP's drives and innovations.