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It's been three years since we first installed our machines at Duratherm in Maine, USA. The installation comprised of a Wizard 4L machining centre along with a Drillex boring and milling centre. The installation was to support a window manufacturing project and used tooling supplied by Rangate and Zuani for machining of casements, double hung windows and doors. It was a really challenging project. Duratherm is known for its meticulous handcrafted manufacture of doors and windows with a keen sense to detail. The frames that they build for the construction of their large glazed walls are quite slim which was of initial concern. However we soon gained confidence in their manufacture and fulfilled the task of making production more efficient with no loss in quality. The casements begin production as presquared components on the Wizard. The frame's components are cut to size and milled on the Wizard as well. Drillex is used to mill out slots for window handles. Drillex has a much wider range of applications in the production of doors, from dowelling to mortising locks and making holes for handle and cylinder lock openings.

Production is now up and running. In the meantime, thanks to its quality and focus on high-end customers, Duratherm has now become part of the Pella window company. This year, we were again addressing further streamlining of production at Duratherm. Our new Crafter machining centre has taken over from the Wizard for all door manufacturing because it is more flexible in the production of the many door style variants and small production runs that Duratherm specialise in. Before this change was made, main production was getting delayed and so it was the next logical step to improve manufacturing efficiency. We are very proud that Duratherm has once again selected our company and we are ready to participate again in the company's future development.