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New at LIGNA Hannover


We always have two principles in mind when manufacturing windows. Firstly is that the tenoned corner joint should always be the best and secondly that our machines are used by people who appreciate working with the natural qualities of wood. The concept of angular machining centres has always seemed to us to be the most appropriate and highly productive technique in window production, therefore we are continually developing and improving it. Other operations such as drilling and mortising have always slowed down the main processes, so we decided to separate them out from the main production flow. Thus two machines, WIZARD and SPECTRA were created. WIZARD is a highly efficient, main production machine for making angled profiles with the operator controlling material input feed. SPECTRA performs all other machining operations. In certain production situations SPECTRA would be used exclusively, for example when producing doors where corner joints are doweled and substantial drilling and mortising is required. SPECTRA is also designed for arched structures and machining of diverse profiles for fixed and opening glazing on the frame piece.

Considering the trend in window profile design, we see that the wooden frame is becoming thinner and the proportion of glass is increasing. This is of course very demanding for the corner joint. It must support the triple glazing load, must be adapted for concealed hinges and at the same time be very slim to achieve good thermal insulation properties. With CNC technology, slender profiles encounter problems with clamping and stability during machining. In the case of through-machining with the WIZARD centre, when both sides of the profile are machined at the same time, these problems are eliminated.

Both machines work in tandem, sharing the same data that is created by our proprietary software WinCreator, which can also import third-party data. Programming is simplified with no need for complex setup and subsequent maintenance of data in a CAD / CAM environment.

We are very pleased to welcome all manufacturers at LIGNA Hannover to the world premiere presentation of this whole concept.