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New Frame Press FP series

Due to their simplicity, we do not even consider some machines to be important to our production process. But the difference between success and failure is in the detail. This realisation prompted us to completely rework our FP series frame presses for window manufacturers. We focused on heavy-duty design and flexibility that manufacturers need. The ergonomic solution was also important in order to make the press easy to operate. Vertical clamping units that easily slide along rails are designed so that even very small windows can be clamped. A counterweight makes adjusting the clamping units easier. Pivoting clamping feet allow non-rectangular windows to be clamped securely. Nylon profiled magnetic shoes allow clamping of pre-squared components for knock down window manufacturing.

Two pressure gauges for vertical and horizontal aspects make it possible to set the clamping pressure in a controlled way.

You can find all information about this new Frame Press FP 32.21 in our product section here:
>>> http://soukup.cz/en/products/presses/hydraulic-frame-press-fp-series/