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Progress 92

Window design is something we have been dedicated to for almost three decades. At first, you only accept the thoughts of others as saying that it is right. Then you dare to come up with your own solutions, but carefully, because you won't know the mistake until a few years later when the window just doesn't work. An incredible adventure! And this is how the whole window industry proceeds - architects, manufacturers, glassmakers, hardware manufacturers. They move forward in small steps, waits to see if it works, and then a little action again.

Just like here. Window sill located at the bottom of the frame. This is something we have been looking at for years, and we find it normal. Well, it was enough, just slide under the aluminium drip, and that's it. Suddenly, the whole frame slims by 30 mm and customers say that's it. Tune it inside so that the frame matches the sash.

The wooden window gives more space for creativity, the profiles are not produced in kilometres, and if a better solution is found, we can easily apply it. And when there is a manufacturer of aluminium profiles who feels the same, we can really move significantly.
If we look at the passive parameters of the window, then at a thickness of 106 mm we can say, we have reached the passive standard PhA. But most will be satisfied with an excellent standard in a thickness of 92 mm. And the cladding on the outside will ensure the maintenance-free nature of the window for many years.

We have become accustomed to the smooth, clean design of wood-aluminium windows, where no glazing bead is visible. So let's try a wooden window. Using clips, printed on the own 3D printer, we attach the whole outer part as one frame. We glue, silicone and have the line we want from the inside.

That's it! You also have the feeling that your customers might like it. I want such windows for myself.