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Crossline 500

The Crossline 500 automatic crosscut saw is designed for crosscutting of timbers and besides standard cutting has a significant role in window and door manufacturing. The machine, connected to WinCreator or third party software, has become an essential processing machine in window manufacturing.

The Crossline 500 robust crosscut saw consists of a vertically moving ø500 mm sawblade, servo driven electronic loading pusher and a fixed unloading table. The machine can be integrated into a production line with the addition of material handling conveyors and manipulators.

An optionally attached label printer can be used to attach labels so as to identify cut elements in subsequent operations.

Special configuration with a grooving unit has found its place in timber frame house prefabrication. The machine is able to link BTL files, which is the main format of architectural software for CNC processing. Such a principle creates a sustainable accuracy in production and raises the quality level of the whole process.

Technical data Crossline 500

  • Beckhoff industrial PC with 10“ touch screen

  • saw blade ø500 mm

  • saw blade motor 7,5 kW (10HP)

  • loading pusher speed 0-60m/min

  • setting precision +/- 0.5 mm

  • maximum timber length 6 m automatic material measuring