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Framer Modular

Assembly table for panels

Framer Modular is a component-based framing & assembly table for off-site panel construction. This system is a perfect solution for those who like to “do it yourselves”. Engineered components are flat-packed and bolt-assembled to minimize transportation and installation costs while delivering a flexible, fully customized wall panel assembly station.

  • The Framer Modular is designed to deliver the best framing table solution for shops looking for efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility at an affordable budget.
  • This system is customizable and expandable, with kits of components and accessories allowing shops to build the worktable to suit their specific production needs.
  • This DIY delivery & assembly system optimizes an upfront investment through flexible options while offering the same robust, engineered panel assembling technology for which Soukup strives without compromise.

The Framer Modular is supplied as a kit with optional accessories can be assembled in various configurations to support the production of:

  • Panel lengths at 6, 9.4, and 12.8 meters
  • Panel widths from 400 to 3000 mm. And with optional extensions, up to 3800 mm at a working height of 700mm.

The Framer Modular System comprises:

  • Expandable Supporting Frame Structure
  • Customizable Tabletop Elements
  • Framing and Assembly Accessories

Expandable Supporting Frame Structure

  • 6-meter Table Configuration: Consists of 2 End Modules

  • 9.4-meter Table Configuration: Consists of 2 End Modules + 1 Center Module
  • 12.8-meter Table Configuration: Consists of 2 End Modules + 2 Center Modules

  • DIY: Build your own supporting frame structure with KVH structural timber according to our instruction manual


Customizable Tabletop Elements

Crossbars and Fences

  • Steel Crossbar 3500 mm:
    Available slots for Pneumatic Clamps
    Required at every 1140mm
  • Reference Fence with 6 Pins:
    3000mm length with stop pins, creating a perpendicular working surface
  • C-Profile with 12 Adjustable Pins:
    3000mm length with adjustable stop pins for accurate floor and ceiling element assembly


Pneumatic Clamps

  • Movable units, each with its own pneumatic control and mechanical lock for anchoring 
  • A clamping stroke of 125 mm and a working force of 1200 N (6 bar)
  • Connected to an Air Pressure Regulation Unit, each distributor supports up to 3 pneumatic clamp units.

Tabletop Panels

  • Replaceable waterproof Plywood Panel mounted on a robust steel frame.
    Field Dimensions: 1000x3000 mm
  • Heavy Duty Steel Raster Board, enabling flexible clamping unit positions on the board, mounted on a robust steel frame
    Field dimensions: 1000x3000 mm x 8 mm thick plate

Framing and Assembly Accessories

  • Crossbar Beam Extension 800 mm
    Removeable Beam Extensions, allowing a total Crossbar length of 3800 mm for panels up to 3800 mm
  • Swivel Plate for Pneumatic Clamp
    Rotational clamping support for building sloped and angled panels
  • Stop for Raster Board
    Position adjustable pins providing flexible frame stops