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Our team has been involved with the development and production of machines for window manufacturing since 1996. From the beginning we focused on small and medium sized businesses, proposing solutions that met their individual needs. We are focused on individual projects or complex package including machines, window project with tooling solutions and operating software.


Small joinery shop

The TEMAC tenoning machine in conjunction with an existing spindle moulder creates the basis for the small scale production of windows and doors.


Window workshop for 10-20 windows

The CRAFTER machining centre together with the VERSA drilling and milling machine linked with Soukup WinCreator software is a solution intended for the manufacture of tilt&turn windows. The special CRAFTER UK model enables manufacturing of sliding sash windows and typical English style casements.


Window workshop for 30-50 windows

The WIZARD CNC machining centre with the drilling and milling machine DRILLEX is designed for the knock-down system of window and door production. In case we choose SPECTRA also arches or irregular products will be made efficiently. The set of machines can supplement the CROSSLINE 500 automatic cross-cut saw. The whole system is recommended to link with third-party software as Klaes, Joinery soft, RA Workshop, Kosmosoft etc.


Individual production of windows and doors

I case we have SPECTRA machine we have a complex solution for bespoke manufacturing of windows and doors. The flexibility of the machine, making rectangular, irregular or curved windows and doors offers ideal solution for small enterprises without any further window technology.