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Versa Max

The machine is equipped with a main working spindle with -10+90° tilting. A linear toolchanger with 4 positions is used for automatic tool changing. The vertical drilling unit has three independent spindles for drills up to 25 mm diameter.
The machine allows you to drill holes for dowel connection or mortise slots. The lateral drilling unit, 3-axis NC controlled by servomotors, allows drilling in any schema and mortising slots for tenons. Additionally, you can do door lock pocket milling, hinge seats, bevelled curtains mortises, and front rounding of tenons.


The Versa Max can optionally be supplied with a vacuum pump for fixing parts such as panel doors. We can add support tables for cross-machining long parts. Four adjustable pneumatic clamps clamp the part and allow machining along its entire length. We adjust the position of the part using pneumatic pins. The worktable is made of an MDF board, where we can attach templates for special operations, such as milling for pulleys in sliding sash boxes.


Intuitive control of the machine works with data from the WinCreator or third-party software where all macros are defined. Construction joints and hinges handle positions are derived from the dimensions and design of windows. Another possibility is a direct insertion of macro on the element and creating templates that are stored in the library for future use.

Main working units            Tilting milling unit -10+90°


Main working units with toolchanger     cross table for machining parts in pairs