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Wizard Drillex

The WIZARD DRILLEX in-line window production machine has been designed for knock-down manufacturing of window and door components. The line is composed of three machines: tenoning, drilling and profiling. The machine is controlled by a BECKHOFF industrial PC running specialised control software with an operator interacting with the machine via a touch screen panel. The WIZARD DRILLEX can be controlled as an integrated in-line production machine or the individual machines can be controlled independently. The capacity of the machine depends on window component complexity, it's about 400-500 items per shift (50-60 windows). All items are fully machined with holes for hinges, olive and dowels.

All the machines in the line have bases constructed from heavy rib structured steel to obtain a solid compact machine which is rigid and highly resistant to heavy loads and stress. Due to this solid construction the line is stable, powerful and vibration free, making it reliable and suitable for heavy industrial use. All machining units move on precision linear bearings driven by precision ball screws and brushless motors. All units are connected to a central lubricating system to facilitate easy maintenance. The machine has been succesfully integrated with professional joinery software from Klaes and Joinerysoft.

Configuration of the machine: