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Swivel stand for gasket application OS4

Handy height adjustable table for application of gasket, hardware, or glazing. Radial arms are extendable to 1.2 metres in length to accommodate small and large sashes.
Includes useful shelf for tools.


Stand for gasket G2 and G4

Stand for 2 or 4 coils of gasket with practical storage shelf.




Transport trolley for finished frames


Transport trolley for storage and transportation of assembled frames or finished windows. Empty trolleys are easily stacked one-on-top to save space.

  • loading area 800x1600mm,
  • height 1600mm



Transport cart for small frames or components


Practical trolley with sections for storing timber ready for processing or storage of whole window frames. 

  • loading area 800x1200mm,
  • height 1200mm



Transport trolley for individual components

Indispensable trolley for horizontal storage. Suitable for storage of presqaured machined parts, pieces for drying after impregnation, parts for repair and sanding or storage before gluing.

  • loading area 800x1600mm
  • height 1800mm